EUBA Solutions arises from the need to share passions discovered in a life history full of surprises, job opportunities and great effort where boredom and waiting for things to happen are not options. A history that unravels in three places, the USA, Brazil and Argentina (Buenos Aires), the countries present in this company’s name.

Entrepreneurship and willingness to share the acquired knowledge have made us walk through every corner in Buenos Aires accompanying the most exacting clients that have visited our country, be present at meetings and interpret incredibly varied subjects, accompany foreign businessmen to purchase argentine companies, fly in private planes, meet the most famous and eccentric people, attend matches at Boca Juniors with royalty and interview children on behalf of UNICEF, not to speak of purchasing antique motorcycles at the most improbable and needy districts in Buenos Aires and Montevideo, in neighbouring Uruguay or spend a couple of hours at Iguazú Falls with a client who just wanted to check out whether they were more impressive than Victoria or Niagara Falls, as well as travel around the world and more places. Knowhow achieved by opening a restaurant where each guest enjoyed the best flavours and was pampered in every detail, until one day we travelled to Sao Paulo and decided to stay there for a few years to keep on learning to return to Argentina with a new language mastered.

All of this is the origin and forms part of EUBA Solutions. We are what we do and enjoy doing it. With all this experience we would like to assist you in return and provide you with all the solutions and tools that will make your projects materialize into successful ventures.

The factotum behind EUBA Solutions

My name is Milagros Padilla and I am a scientific and literary translator, graduated at the Universidad del Salvador. I was also granted a specialization scholarship at Mount Holyoke College, MA, in the United States.

I developed my career in tourism, translation and interpreting at the best hotels and travel companies in Argentina and around the world , who entrusted me with their clients for years.

Together with a great team of colleagues we work providing foreigners and locals alike with quality solutions.

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