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Translation · Editing · Localization ·

Interpreting · Subtitling

Translation from and to English, Latin American Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese. And if you have any other combination, please let me know.

I aim at delivering the best results considering the cultural differences of the target language. Not only do I translate but I work carefully in the process of adapting your product, document or website from the linguistic and cultural points of view.

Whatever the service needed, I work with qualified colleagues to work in your project. From Gastronomy, Journalism, Literature, Marketing & Social Media, Travel & tourism, Communications, Websites, Food & Beverages, Legal, Theater, Music, Film, Comics, Television, Psychiatry, Nutrition, Health Care, General Medicine, Psychology, History, International development, Religion, Education, Politics, Immigration, Ecology & Environmental Sciences, Machinery manuals, IT, Agricultural.

Bespoke Luxury Travel

Affiliate of Cartology Travel



Cartology Travel is a boutique consultancy specialising in bespoke luxury travel – our purpose is to share the joy of travel and create unforgettable memories.

We have a passion for travel – it’s in our blood.  Our people (based in London, South Africa, San Francisco and Beijing, and Argentina) are equally passionate and knowledgeable, and focus on getting to know you – to truly tailor your experiences. We aren’t about pre-packaged holidays and reusing the same itineraries; we want to understand your travel goals, likes and dislikes, and then deliver your trip seamlessly. 

Cartology Travel can provide unique experiences and access that others simply can’t. We are a proud member of the Virtuoso Network – the world’s premier luxury travel agency network, and have preferred partner status with the top hotel brands in the world.



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